VPPS staff appreciation potluck 

Dear Parents,

To honor the hard work of the educators and staff at Ventura Park Public School, the Parent Council is hosting a Staff Appreciation potluck lunch on 8 December 2022. As we look back over this past year, we thank the VPPS staff for all the work that they do to help our children become learners and future leaders.

We need YOUR participation in our potluck to make this day the success that it deserves to be.

Please fill out the form (https://forms.gle/QDXexRgGTe5pbhQa8) and select the items you would like to sign up to bring for the lunch. Note that items must be dropped off to the school in disposable containers during one of the below time slots on 8 December 2022.

  • 8:45am to 9am
  • 11:45am to 12:15pm

Thank you for your contribution and for helping us celebrate the educators and staff that shape the future of our little ones.

Parent Council 
Ventura Park Public School

Click here to access the google form

Student Behaviour Assemblies

On Monday, November 14, we reviewed student expectations for behaviour and school routines. 

Some of the topics covered in our Primary/Junior/Intermediate assemblies include: the use of cellphones, bus safety rules, late bus routines, snow play, dressing for the cold weather and morning arrivals where supervision only occurs at 8:45 am. 

We encourage you to speak with your children about these assemblies so that they can share with you all of the ways we are working to ensure that VPPS is a safe and caring school environment.

M. Farrell and Mme. Cucullo

Morning Arrival

Dear families,

We have students arriving too early at school. Supervision begins in the school at 8:45 am each morning. 

Students may begin entering the school once supervision begins at 8:45 am. Please do not drop-off your child before this time.

Thank you for your support in keeping our students safe,

M. Farrell and Mme. Cucullo

Potential School Closure and Technology Distribution

Hello families,

We will be distributing technology today and during Parent Teacher Interviews in the event that there is a school closure beginning on Monday, November 21, 2022.

If you requested technology on Monday, November 7, you do not need to request technology again. We will be sending technology home with your child today.

If you require technology and did not request it, please send an email to laura.cucullo@yrdsb.ca. Please provide your child’s name and homeroom teacher name in your email. We will do our best to get this technology to you before or at your Parent Teacher Interview.

Thank you for your support with this,

M. Farrell and Mme. Cucullo