Ventura goes to the Marlies!!!

Hello Ventura families. Parent Council is organizing a Ventura families trip to a Toronto Marlies hockey game one weekend towards the end of this year, and we are looking to gauge the interest level.  Tickets would cost $25 per person with a portion going back to the school as a fundraiser.  You would be responsible for your own transportation (and any associated costs) to and from the game and any concessions purchased while there.

Please fill out the attached link to let us know your interest!

School Start Up Forms and Guide to the School Year – Reminder

You will be getting an email from YRDSB this week with a link to read the Guide to the School Year as well as a link to complete the School Start Up forms. It is very important that you fill out the forms.

In order to fill out the forms, you must log in to your child(den)s google account – and if you have more than one child, log in to each child’s in turn. This is the same login that would have been used for all google class work and for retrieving report cards. While we know this is not an easy process for many families- the forms are VERY important and required for your child to be able to use school technology, go on field trips etc.

If you need help logging in to your child’s account, or if you are new to YRDSB, please contact the teacher or the office.

Your child will also bring a Guide to the School Year booklet, please review this information together.

Thank you in advance for completing the forms. Below is a copy of the email you will be receiving.

YRDSB email: School Start-Up Forms

Dear parents/guardians,

At the start of each school year, schools share with families a package of information about the school. Families will also receive a copy of the Guide to the School Year booklet in the coming weeks. We also ask families to complete some important forms. These forms are now available online.

Please complete and submit these online School Start-Up Forms through your child’s YRDSB Google account. 

·        You can access your child’s YRDSB Google account via a web browser. For best results, use a computer rather than a mobile phone.

·        The username is your child’s YRDSB Student Number. Your child will receive their login information from the school at the start of the year. If you or your child do not know the password to log in to their Google account, please contact your child’s teacher or the school office.

·        Frequently asked questions and additional information on how to complete the forms are available on the Board website under Family Resources (click on the “Need Help” link for Family Start-Up Forms. 

It is important that these forms are completed as soon as possible at the start of the school year. There are both mandatory and optional forms. The forms are to be completed for all students, whether they are attending school in person or participating in remote, online learning. Your child’s school will access the information. 

Please complete a separate form for each child attending our schools. Secondary school students will also be asked to review important school and Board policies and to indicate that they have reviewed this information on forms sent to their student GAPPS account.

If you prefer to complete the forms on paper or have questions about the information in the forms, please contact your school office. Thank you

Terry Fox Run/Walk Update!

Due to the likely possibility of rain on tomorrw, we will be holding our Terry Fox Run/Walk on the Rain Date, Thursday, September 22.

It may be quite cooler on Thursday, so please ensure that children are prepared and dressed for the weather conditions outdoors.

Looking forward to a great event!


A message from La Biblioteque!!!

Are you a parent, guardian, or a grandparent of a student at Ventura Park? Do you enjoy volunteering?

If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then Mme Lofsky could use your help!

We are looking for volunteers in our learning commons to support our library throughout the year and the book fairs. No experience is necessary. If you’re interested, please contact Mme Lofsky at .