Lost and Found

The Lost and Found tables have been moved inside of the school and are now located in front of the office, parents are welcome to check the tables for any missing articles after 3:35pm from today until Friday. Whatever is not claimed, is sent to a local charity.

Community Presentation from Maksim Goldenshteyn on May 19th

Maksim Goldenshtyen, Author, Holocaust Researcher and Former Reporter, will be providing a presentation for the Ventura Park Public School Community, on May 19th from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.

Maxim Goldenshteyn is the author of the recently published book So They Remember: A Jewish Family’s Story of Survival in Ukraine, which highlights his own family history and the family histories of others that are interconnected with his – and his publication also highlights his research of Holocaust history in the Former Soviet Union (FSU), specifically Soviet Ukraine, which is not as often well-represented, even while 2.7 million FSU Jews perished in the Holocaust.

He provides the presentation in an age-appropriate manner highlighting his family history, immigration and other themes.

For those interested, the Zoom Meeting link can be found below.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 954 5944 3442

Passcode: 294208

Lost & Found

The school’s Lost & Found box has been moved to tables outside the front of the school, parents are welcome to check the tables for any missing articles. The tables will be placed outside from 9am to 6pm, today through Monday.

Small Electronics Recycle Program

We are happy to let our community know that we can dispose of your small electronic waste in an eco-friendly way by using the smart bin located in front of the Office at VPPS.

We recycle: cell phones, tablets, cameras, chargers, headphones, ink cartridges, cables and any other small electronic devices. We will make sure they get recycled responsibly!

Summer Camp information

Good afternoon VPPS Families,

Hope you had a nice weekend. We are sharing a link for summer camp information and registration through York Regional Police. These opportunities are offered to students from grade 3 through to high school and they are free. They focus is on self- esteem building, skills development, positive peer relationship building and adult mentorship support. 

To register please follow the link below:

Have a good Monday.