Sewing with Ventura Park PS

Denise Wild’s Sewing Studio is coming to our school with a specialty program like you’ve never seen before — a dynamic, engaging sewing workshop that breaks the creative mold! The Sewing Studio’s stereotype-busting mentors guide each student through success, teaching the entire school how to sew with a sewing machine. Boys and girls, kindergarten to grade eight, that means you! Each child will gain confidence, develop their growth mindset, and complete a project from start to finish while being motivated and inspired. Not only does sewing get you hands-on and help you flex your creative muscles, it also helps you feel joyful, mindful, and focused. SEW COOL!

When: January 23, 24, 25

To learn more about the Sewing Studio programs, click here and also here. Denise Wild is a TV host and sewing expert who appears regularly on CP24, Cityline, The Morning Show, and Breakfast Television. To learn more about Denise, click here.