Special Event: A Night with Bernice Carnegie

Herbert H. Carnegie’s School Council is hosting a virtual evening with Bernice Carnegie, daughter to their school’s namesake, Dr. Herbert H. Carnegie. They have invited all community members to join this special event.

Bernice is passionate about sharing her family’s compelling story, inspiring and encouraging thousands of people to make more positive lifestyle choices. 

She takes her audiences through an historical journey that touches on a wider perspective of her family’s Black and interracial challenges since their arrival to Canada in the early 1900s.  

 She highlights her father Herb Carnegie’s famous hockey contributions and how he overcame adversity in both sports and life.  Bernice reveals what she learned from their experiences and how we all can be more compassionate, caring, and responsible in our personal choices while finding proactive solutions in making our world a better place. She provides a path of hope of how to navigate through racism and she demonstrates the importance of how a positive attitude can open doors of opportunity.

Please see the attached flyer for the registration link.