Getting Ready to Welcome Everyone

Dear Ventura Park families,

We are very happy to have had students back in the classroom over the past four days. Teachers have worked hard to set up beautiful and welcoming classrooms for the students, keeping in mind the need to promote social distancing. We appreciate their hard work in reminding students of the new rules and routines. We are so excited to welcome all of our students back into the building together tomorrow, and want to share a few reminders to help keep everyone safe with the increased number of students in the building.

  • Students are reminded that they need to follow social distancing rules. When in class, walking through the halls, and outdoors at recess, students need to do their best to maintain space between them and their classmates.
  • Students in Grades 4-8 must wear a mask, and students in Grades 1-3 are strongly encouraged to wear a mask.
  • Seating plans for buses have now been developed. This week, staff will be working with students to help them understand where they should be sitting for their bus rides to and/or from school. Students will be seated with siblings if applicable, and then by homeroom and grade.
  • We are using a rotating model for morning recesses. Students in Grades 1-4 and students in Grades 5-8 will have one morning of outdoor recess followed by one morning of indoor recess.
  • Finally, we have moved to a two lunch model. From 12:40-1:10, students in Grades 1-4 will eat lunch while students in Grades 5-8 go out for recess. From 1:10-1:40, students in Grades 5-8 will eat lunch while students in Grades 1-4 go out for recess. These times will stay the same every day.

During the first few days of school, we have noticed that some students have forgotten important items like their lunches. Please ensure your child brings all items including their coats, lunch and snacks required for their day at school. Drop-offs will not be available. It is expected that parents/guardians first contact the school by telephone if
assistance is required.

We are looking forward to a wonderful rest of the week,

Monsieur Farrell and Madame Chamberland