2017-18 Wrap Up @ VPPS…Thanks to all of our Students, Parents, and Staff!!!

I want to take this opportunity to thank the entire VPPS community for another spectacular year at school.  2017-18 has been filled with many accomplishments for our students, their parents, and our incredible staff.

Congratulations to our Grade 8 Graduating Class!  You are the second group to come through VPPS in French Immersion, and we wish you all continued success in High School, and beyond.  Bravo!

Congratulations to Toni Brutto, our world-class EOAA who is retiring after an incredible 32 year career in Public Education.  Merci Mme Brutto.

Thank you to our incredible caretaking team: M. Rashid; M. Whaites; M. Haynes; M. Taylor, and Mme Walsh.

Bonne Chance to Mme Nassar, who will be transferring as Vice Principal at Randall PS.  All the best to Mme Saltarelli, who will be on a leave next year.  Congratulations to Mme Celli and Mme Whittingham, who are heading to Lorna Jackson PS to help start a new French Immersion program!  Bonne chance, to Mme Melanson, who is moving to Poplar Bank PS; to Ms. Ugarenko, who is moving to Kettleby PS; to Mme Armstrong, who is moving to Blue Willow PS; to Mme Abate who is moving to Windham Ridge PS; to Mme Kesisyan, who is moving to Michaelle Jean PS; to Mme Hoo, who is moving to Stonehaven PS; to Mme Walters, who is moving to Aldergrove PS; to M. Thompson who is moving to Peel DSB; and Merci to Mme Aminzadeh, M. Nayman, Mme Mandlsohn, Mme MacFarlane, M. Mehmood, and Mme Puche for your hard work with our appreciate students at VPPS this year.  Continued success to all of you!

With staff moving to new locations, we are privileged to be able to welcome amazing new staff to join our VPPS family for 2018-19.  Bienvenue a Mme Ghitulescu; Mme Tadrisi; Mme Lyon; Mme Avagyan; M. Shapiro; Mme Lombardi; M. Cohen; Mme Viau; Mme Gagnon; Mme Tyrrell; Mme Alarcon (EOAA); and Mme Mackaracher, our new Vice-Principal.

On behalf of myself, and the entire Staff at VPPS, have a safe, restful, relaxing, and enjoyable summer.

See you back here on Tuesday September 4, 2018!

Yours Truly,

Arin Otis, Proud Principal, Ventura Park PS