VPPS Area West Track and Field Results…And Regional Track and Field, Tuesday June 19

Last week, the Junior and Intermediate Track and Field teams participated in the Area meet. They demonstrated incredible skill and perseverance. We are excited to share the results from the Area meet. The Tyke (Grade 4) Boys received 2nd place. The Tyke (Grade 4) Girls received 2nd place. The Atom (Grade 5) Boys received 2nd place. The Atom (Grade 5) Girls received 3rd place. The Intermediate (Grade 7) Girls received 3rd place. Overall, the Ventura Park Junior Team received 3rd place of all the West-East schools. We are extremely proud of all of our athletes! Go Vikings Go!  Congratulations to our Viking Champions.  Special mention to the following students who will be representing VPPS at the Regional Track and Field Championships tomorrow in Stouffville:

Grade 4

Nikita 4A

Clarence 4B

Zidaan 4B

Leah 4C

Ellise 4A

Grade 5

Eric 5B

Mikayla 5C

Sofia 5B

Grade 6

Alexa 6B

Matthew 6C

Grade 7

Alissa 7/8B

Valentina 7A

Congrats to all of our AMAZING athletes. Making regional is a huge and difficult accomplishment!  Bravo les Vikings!