VPPS Soars at CEC West Area Athletics Championships! Next Stop? REGIONALS on June 19!!!

On Tuesday June 10, and Wednesday June 11, Over 130 VPPS Vikings athletes competed at the CEC West Area Athletics Championships held at Vaughan Secondary School.

The team was coached by Mr. Babin and Mme Forde on both days, and supported by Mr. Arro on Tuesday and Mr. Foster on Wednesday.  Un gros MERCI to our Awesome VPPS staff!!!

Here are the results as well as the list of students who qualified for Regionals (top 2 finish at Area Meet): 

The Area results are as follows for Grade specific teams:

– Grade 4 girls >> First Overall

– Grade 5 boys >> First Overall

– Grade 7 boys >> Third Overall

– Grade 8 girls >> Third Overall

Overall Division Team Results

– Ventura Park >>> Junior team FIRST OVERALL (huge accomplishment!!!!)

Congratulations to all VPPS Vikings!

Here are the students attending Regional Track & Field – 14 students competing in 18 events

– Hannah 4B

– Alexa 4D

– Nickita 5A

– Clarence 5C

– Zidaan 5B

– Leah 5A

– Matto 6C

– Alex 6B

– Mikayla 6C

– Ruben 7C

– Matthew 7A

– Alexa 7C

– Valentina 8C

– Alissa 8A

Good luck to all Regional Track and Field qualifiers!  #VPPSVikingsRule

Lymphoma Awareness Fundraiser

From Our Grade 6 Student Leadership Team:

Dear parents and teachers,

From the 5th to the 12th of June we will be having a fundraiser to raise money for lymphoma research. We will be selling an assortment of treats for a toonie each.

Treats we are selling 1 treat for 2 dollars. We are also hosting a raffle in which you can buy a ticket for 2 dollars or 3 tickets for 5$. The prizes for this raffle are CNE (The Canadian National Exhibition) entry tickets, rock climbing lessons, 2 Smoke’s poutinerie gift cards and Smoke’s poutinerie march pack, which contains a hat and a t-shirt per pack.

The treats are vanilla frozen yogurt, freezies and ice cream sandwiches, which the shells are either fudgeo shells or chocolate chip cookie shells.