Dear Families,

As Hallowe’en is approaching, we would like to remind you of a few school policies and procedures related to celebrating this day at school.

Children may wear costumes to school on Monday. They will not be able to use the washroom to change into their costumes, and must arrive at school wearing their costumes. Please remember that costumes are to be respectful of others. Symbols or objects representative of a person’s race, culture, ethnicity, or religious beliefs, should not be worn as another person’s costume, nor should costumes that caricature social identities through stereotyping. Masks are not to be worn and no replica weapons of any kind are permitted at school. Children do not have to wear costumes to school. We also encourage dressing up in “Autumn Colours” as another option for participation.

Classes may choose to have a half day celebration that day. Your child’s teacher will communicate with you regarding plans for celebrating. It is our expectation that classes are still engaged in meaningful curriculum-based learning throughout this day. Students may bring their own snacks to the celebration for them to eat. The sharing of snacks and treats is not permitted. 

We look forward to a safe and happy celebration!

Mme. Cucullo and M. Farrell