Additional Items and Bussing Information

Dear parents/guardians,

Please see below our school organization for the 2022-2023 school year.  We are really excited about this upcoming school year!

It is essential that you go to to confirm drop off and pick up times, locations and bus numbers. Bus numbers in the morning may differ from bus numbers in the afternoon. Please communicate this information to your child, and remind them often, as they get comfortable with the new routine.

For those of who are doing drop-off and pick-up at school, please be aware that safety comes first when dropping off your children. We discourage entry into our school parking lot during 8:45-9:05 for morning entry, and 3:10-3:40 for dismissal, due to safety reasons.

For all our new families, the Ventura Park Blog is our primary source of communication. Please check the blog often and sign up for notifications when updates are made. It is a good idea for all family members to be connected to our blog.

We have received a number of phone calls about Edsby not working. We are aware of the situation and appreciate your patience as we navigate next steps.

Thank you,

Greg and Laura

STAFF 2022-2023     
Bove-Morgani    1A  
Minchopoulos    1B  
Ghitulescu  1C  
Andre   2A  
Kasmani 2B  
Moccia  2C  
Adibi   2D  
Papadakis   3A  
Bellman 3B  
Tyrrell 3C  
Lyon    3D  

Avagyan 4A  
Arro    4B  
Liu 4/5A    
Palfi   4/5B    
Dakran  5A  
Patrick 5/6A    
Babin   6A  
Karamy  6B  

Opatowski   7A  
Gallichio   7B  
Botelho 7/8A    
Shifman 8A  
Bracken 8B  
Maisel  8C