Community Presentation from Maksim Goldenshteyn on May 19th

Maksim Goldenshtyen, Author, Holocaust Researcher and Former Reporter, will be providing a presentation for the Ventura Park Public School Community, on May 19th from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.

Maxim Goldenshteyn is the author of the recently published book So They Remember: A Jewish Family’s Story of Survival in Ukraine, which highlights his own family history and the family histories of others that are interconnected with his – and his publication also highlights his research of Holocaust history in the Former Soviet Union (FSU), specifically Soviet Ukraine, which is not as often well-represented, even while 2.7 million FSU Jews perished in the Holocaust.

He provides the presentation in an age-appropriate manner highlighting his family history, immigration and other themes.

For those interested, the Zoom Meeting link can be found below.

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