Grade 8 Fundraiser

Dear VPPS Community,

VPPS will be conducting the Cookie Dough Fundraiser from February 7th – 23rd, in support of our Grade 8 graduates! Please help our students with this campaign. Send our custom link to as many people as you can! Sell to friends, family, neighbors, and people at work. 

Please read the following on how to order online and ensure you give this information to your customers:

  1. Visit our custom site:
  2. Shop online and fill your cart! Add or remove products as you need. All items are $13.00, no sales tax!
  3. At Checkout fill in the form.
    1. Teacher Name: (optional – if you know it)
    1. Student/Seller Name: (required – name of student you are buying on behalf of)
    1. Your First Name and Last Name
    1. Address Information that matches your credit card
    1. Phone # and Email Address
    1. School: Ventura Park Public School
    1. Agree to website Terms and Conditions. Place Order.
  4. Entire order is to be picked-up at the school by the seller and they will then distribute to their friends and family.

Important pick-up information:

All orders will be ready for pick up on Wednesday March 9th. Pick up will be from 3:30pm to 6:00pm. Please ensure your product is picked up ASAP and goes back into a freezer as quickly as possible. Due to the frozen nature of the product this is very important to ensure the quality of the products. We appreciate your help in this matter.

Thank you for your support!

VPPS Graduation Committee