VPPS Important Safety Reminders

Safety with Weather

  • Send your children dressed for the weather as we are outside for close to an hour each day
  • Send your children with shoes for indoors and boots for outdoors to keep our classes and gym slip free and our feet warm outside
  • Make sure your students have extra clothing in their classroom in case they get wet (socks, underwear, pants, shirts, sweatshirts, etc.)

Safety with Covid

  • Send your children with extra masks for the full day. Many times masks get dirty, fall on the ground or need a change.
  • Send your children to school with their lunches and snacks in order to avoid extra contact with office staff and classroom interruptions.

Safety while Driving

  • Drive carefully in the neighborhood and allow yourself extra time to stop when in the school zone
  • Do NOT park or stop in the front bus loop – this is also our emergency vehicle entry point and every second counts if we need an ambulance – any obstruction (even for day care pickup and drop off) can cost valuable and lifesaving time

Safety with our Words/Actions

  • We work very hard to create a safe space for all of our community here at school, we encourage everyone to use language that is polite and inclusive – be mindful of our students and what they may overhear directly or indirectly (please and thank you!)

Safety with Food

  • Reminder that we are a nut safe school and foods that CONTAIN nuts are not permitted at school. This includes Nutella and a myriad of Halloween snacks that have been coming to school lately. Many students and staff have life threatening allergies to Nuts.

Thank you for being a community that cares about one another! Together we can keep our kids safe!