November School Council Meeting

Dear Families,

Please join us for a School Council Meeting next Monday November 22, 2021.

Our meeting is scheduled from 7:30pm to 8:45pm. Any families interested in attending are asked to please email Mrs. Sivakumar at or the School Council at for a link to our virtual meeting.

Here is a description of the School Council Positions:

a. Chairs shall carry out the following tasks in accordance with the Board’s School Councils policy and procedures i. Call a minimum of four (4) meetings per year in consultation with the Principal ii. Consult with Council representatives prior to scheduled meetings regarding agenda topics under consideration iii. Ensure that all fundraising activities, management of the proceeds of fundraising, and all expenditures are in accordance with Board School Fundraising and Administration of School Generated Funds policy and procedure iv. Establish agendas for Council meetings with Principal (including current financial statements for review at meetings) v. Share agenda with Council members one week prior to the scheduled meeting vi. Chair Council meetings following the agenda vii. Ensure minutes of meetings are duly recorded and distributed within two weeks after the meeting viii. Communicate on an ongoing basis with school administration ix. Communicate with Trustee, Board staff as required x. Assist and act on behalf of the other co-chair(s) xi. Ensure the Council Constitution is reviewed annually

b. Communications Officer may carry out the following tasks: i. Collect school Council mail and communicates with Chair/Co-Chair ii. Updates Council page on School Blog

c. Treasurer may carry out the following tasks: i. Manage Council finances as outlined in Article TWELVE  (XII) ii. Present written financial reports and statements including those required for each School Council meeting

d. Secretary may carry out the following tasks: i. Conduct formal attendance. Take notes during meetings including topics under discussion, motions, and all decisions rendered iii. Prepare written minutes/notes for inclusion in the Council record and distribution to Council members.

e. Fundraising Officer may carry out the following tasks: i. Chair fundraising Sub-Committee ii. Oversee all fundraising efforts of the Council iii. Identify fundraising targets and purpose for fundraising initiatives.

f. The Grade 8 Grad Lead will work with Admin to plan an appropriate celebration, event and assist with end of year purchases to support this event.

We hope to see many of you in attendance.

Be well,