Covid-19 FAQs about Absence

Dear families,

Recently, we have had some questions from families about absences and accessing virtual learning. We wanted to share with you a link to the YRDSB Covid-19 FAQ page, which may be of assistance to families as questions arise. The FAQ page can be found at:

If you have questions regarding a face-to-face student being able to access virtual learning due to an absence, please scroll down to the section of the FAQ page titled Learning Model Selection. The first three sections, shown in the photo below, will likely be of assistance in answering most questions.

It is important to note that the majority of homeroom classes at Ventura Park are not currently hybrid. In the event of a student needing to access online learning, families should expect 48 hours turnaround time for teachers to prepare for hybrid learning.

We have also had a number of inquiries regarding hybrid learning and family vacations outside of Canada. Please note that while unvaccinated children of fully vaccinated parents have some exemptions from quarantine, unvaccinated children cannot attend school for 14 days after returning to Canada. As per the guidelines outlined in the Board FAQs, students will not be able to access virtual learning during a vacation, and classes that are not hybrid are not required to become hybrid for an unvaccinated student needing to self-isolate from school after travel.

If you have any questions not covered by the Board’s FAQ page linked above, please contact the office.

Thank you,
Greg Farrell and Melanie Chamberland