Important Message from your school

Dear Ventura families,

We have noticed that a number of vehicles are ignoring the “Do Not Enter” signs at the entrance to the school parking lot at pick up and drop off times. Others are attempting to enter the bus loop, which is not permitted at the beginning and end of the day. Driving through these areas puts your children and our school staff at risk.  If you are driving a child to school in the morning or picking them up at the end of the day, you are asked to please find a safe area to wait off school property. Vehicles may be ticketed for not following posted signage.

We have also had an increase in the number of students arriving late to school. Please note that students can enter the school each week day beginning at 8:45am. Our instructional day begins at 9:00am. Students who are frequently late are missing important instructional time, which can negatively impact their learning. If students are arriving after 9:00am (even by just a few minutes), they must enter through the front doors of the school and get a late slip before going to class.

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation in keeping our school community safe,

Monsieur Farrell and Madame Chamberland