We would like to thank you, our Ventura Park families, for your support during our recent reorganization. We recognize that class changes can be difficult for students to handle, but have been so proud of how our students have shown flexibility, adaptability, and confidence in their new classrooms. Our new school organization is as follows:

Grade 1:

Mme Bove-Morgani

Mme Minchopoulos

Mme Kassam

Mme Ghitulescu

Mme Ho

Mme Mandlsohn 

Grade 2:

Mme Andre

Mme Kasmani

Mme Tadrisi

Mme Lemieux

Grade 2/3:

Mme Moccia

Grade 3:

Mme Papadakis

Mme Lyon

Mme Bellman

Mme Denis

Grade 4:

Mme Avagyan

Mme Barkin

Mme So

Grade 4/5: 

Mme Matheson

Grade 5:

Mme Dakran

Mr. Johnson

Grade 5/6:

Mr. Liu

Mr. Arro

Grade 6:

Mme Critch

Mme Cerullo

Mme Ioffine

Grade 7:

Mr. Maisel

Mme Gallicchio

Mme Gold

Grade 8:

M. Adibi

Mr. Cohen

Mme Bracken

Mr. Nemerofsky

We wish all of your families a happy Thanksgiving and hope you have a safe and relaxing long weekend.

Monsieur Farrell and Mme Chamberland