Message from Our Lunchtime Program Provider TenTen Sports

Hello To You All
We hope you are well and coping as best as possible.  
Over the last 18 years, the TenTen focus has been to enrich kids lives through sport.  We are passionate about physical wellness, and we also know the benefits of physical wellbeing on mental wellness.  Right now, we all need to focus on both. 
So, in keeping with our commitment to making activity fun and engaging, we have created for you the (free) 
TenTen 10 Obstacle Challenge. Each obstacle is demonstrated in the attached video. The Challenge is active and fun for kids and for parents too. It may even become part of your daily routine.
The TenTen Obstacle Challenge is ideal for 4 to 12-year olds and can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. All you need to make this successful are a few household items as explained in the video, as well as a wonderfully positive attitude! The challenge can be done in a limited space in an apartment, basement, living room, backyard or on a deck.
There is no right or wrong way in performing the challenge other than doing your best and having a blast.
It would be amazing for parents, and siblings to join in too. Try and time yourselves accomplishing all 10 challenges from start to finish. Do it often and see if you can beat your times.  Have a family challenge. 
We would love to hear from you, so please visit our website and let us know how you enjoyed the challenges and if YOU have any suggestions for further challenges please send them to us.  Even send us your videos. 
Share the challenge with family and friends wherever they may be in the world.  Grandparents in isolation would particularly enjoy watching footage of you engaging in this challenge. 
We will continue to release more of these fun and unique videos in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!All the staff are looking forward to getting back to doing what we at TenTen Kids Sports enjoy most, which is working with, and enriching the lives of kids through sport.Take care, be safe and stay positive.

The TenTen Team.
TenTen 10 Obstacle Challenge