Lockdown Drill Today

Today, we held our first Lockdown Drill of the school year.  A lockdown is a school emergency response  to the presence or suspected presence of an armed intruder or other similar violent threat within the school. It is a Ministry requirement that we practice lockdown drills at least twice each year.

During a lockdown drill, all staff and students will be notified that we are conducting a lockdown drill.  Staff will ensure that all students and staff are in a secure area behind a locked door (e.g. classroom).  Lights will be turned off, windows will be covered and students will be directed to an area away from doors and windows.  Students are directed to be silent until the drill ends.  Cell phones are not permitted to be used.

The purpose of the drill is not to scare students, but to be prepared in the event that an actual emergency were to happen.  Teachers will prepare students before the drill happens and debrief afterwards.  You may wish to discuss the lockdown drill with your child and reassure them that school is a safe place but that we need to practice in case an emergency were to happen.

We would like to thank all students and staff for a very successful lockdown drill,
Everyone did an excellent job and we should all be very proud!