Our Smart Bin is Here!

Subject line: Ventura Park implements a recycling program for small electronic devices.

Ventura Park is proud to announce the installation of an Electrobac that will allow students and parents to recycle their out-dated or non-functional electronics. Electrobac being certified by the Recycler Qualification Office (RQO), we assure you that all electronics collected are redirected to companies that are approved and in compliance with Canadian standards, to be recycled safely, securely and responsibly. You can find the Electrobac in front of the main office.

The Electrobac recycles a wide variety of small electronic devices including cell phones, cameras, MP3 players, ink cartridges, computer peripherals, headphones and chargers among many others. Over 100 different types of electronics can be recycled in the Electrobac. For more information about recyclable items, please visit http://www.electrobac.com.

Electronic waste usually contains lead, mercury and other harmful components. Help us preserve the environment by recycling as much electronic waste as possible!

For any questions or comments about the Electrobac or the recycling program, please contact Electrobac via electrobac.com or facebook.com/Electrobac/