Lymphoma Awareness Fundraiser

From Our Grade 6 Student Leadership Team:

Dear parents and teachers,

From the 5th to the 12th of June we will be having a fundraiser to raise money for lymphoma research. We will be selling an assortment of treats for a toonie each.

Treats we are selling 1 treat for 2 dollars. We are also hosting a raffle in which you can buy a ticket for 2 dollars or 3 tickets for 5$. The prizes for this raffle are CNE (The Canadian National Exhibition) entry tickets, rock climbing lessons, 2 Smoke’s poutinerie gift cards and Smoke’s poutinerie march pack, which contains a hat and a t-shirt per pack.

The treats are vanilla frozen yogurt, freezies and ice cream sandwiches, which the shells are either fudgeo shells or chocolate chip cookie shells.