Good Morning,

Due to the extreme cold weather warnings issued by Environment Canada, school bus and taxi transportation in York Region has been cancelled.

As outlined in Board Policy and Procedure #152, Extreme Weather, Inclement Weather and Emergency Conditions Days, principals/staff are reminded to:

  • cancel all programs and workshops scheduled during the school day including, but not limited to, board arranged workshops, special events/conferences and in-school professional learning that requires occasional teachers. (Note:  Licensed child care programs and before/after school programs may/may not remain open; this is up to the discretion of the provider.)
  • cancel local transportation for trips and events taking place today.

Please note any examinations and/or tests scheduled for today are cancelled and will be rescheduled.  Communication to affected students and staff is required.

When buses are cancelled in the morning, they are also cancelled for the afternoon.  This means that if you plan to bring your child to school, you must also be available for pick up by dismissal time at 3:20 pm.

If you have any questions about bus cancellations, please contact the school.

Have a safe day!

M. Otis, Principal