Important Information Regarding Class Placements for September 2018

Throughout the month of May, our staff will be making class placement decisions for the 2018-2019 school year.

Our staff will make every effort to place students in the best learning environment to promote  student achievement, well-being, and collaboration. We take many factors into account when making class placement decisions, including:

  • Class sizes consistent with Ministry and Board guidelines;
  • A range of performance levels within each class;
  • Matching pupil learning styles with teaching strategies wherever possible;
  • Promoting positive social relationships while minimizing unproductive associations.

Our staff know the students well and we rely on their professional decisions and input for placements, while following the above guidelines.

We also appreciate that parents and guardians have valuable information to share with us. Please note, that while we do not accept requests for specific teachers we would like to know about teaching styles, learning preferences and classroom structures that you feel may benefit your child. It is our hope that with valuable input, all decisions will have the best interests of each child in mind.

If you wish to share input with the school, please email before May 14.  Please use the subject line “2018-2019 school year”.