VPPS School Garden News

Ventura Park PS now has a wildflower garden! Since October, the student groundskeepers have been learning about problems facing wild birds and butterflies. The club decided to make a butterfly garden to help mitigate these problems. Students met every week to learn about wildflowers, to plan and design a garden beside the portapak and to communicate the project to the school community. After months of preparation, the groundskeepers finally broke ground on May 15th! With the help of students, parents and teachers, and with funding from TD Friends of the Environment, we dug a bed for a native, wildflower garden and a trench for a cedar hedge. Then, on May 24th, everyone came together again, on a sunny spring afternoon, to plant one small tree, four bushes, 36 native flowers and 11 cedars. Students were able to water our new cedar hedge using water from the two rain barrels attached to the downspouts of the portables.

We have now completed the first phase of the outdoor classroom project. The groundskeepers thank everyone who came out to help dig and plant. We also say un grand merci to the Sakal family who generously helped in planning and purchasing for the garden. We hope to obtain another grant that would allow us to plant mature trees and to make seating and pathways between the flower bed and cedar hedge. Ventura Park would have an outdoor space for learning and for enjoying nature.

Now, the groundskeepers are looking for Ventura families who can water the garden during the summer. Each family would sign up for one week (one or two days during the week) to water the garden. If you can help us with this, please contact Mme Walters at extension 325. Merci!