VPPS Student Placements for 2017-2018

As we begin the process of organizing classes for September 2017, it is valuable for parents to understand that the ultimate goal at Ventura Park P.S. is to enhance student achievement and well-being. We attempt to place students in the most positive learning environment possible; given each individual pupil’s skills, knowledge, attitudes, and work and social habits. A great deal of time is spent ensuring that each student’s academic and social needs are met. Classes at each grade level are formed using the following criteria:

  • Class sizes consistent with Ministry and Board guidelines;
  • A gender balance in each class;
  • A range of performance levels within each class;
  • Matching pupil learning styles with teaching strategies wherever possible;
  • Promoting positive social relationships while minimizing unproductive associations

As we get closer to the end of the school year, decisions will be made based on the aforementioned criteria. It is important to recognize that while we try to place each child in the optimum learning environment, all final decisions regarding pupil placement remain the responsibility of the school principal.

If you have any information about your child that you feel would be pertinent in the placement process (conflict with other students, learning styles, twins’ placements, etc.), please inform Mr. Otis in writing via email arin.otis@yrdsb.ca by FRIDAY MAY 5, 2017. All emails sent should read “Class Placement 2017” in the subject line of the email. Please remember that requests for specific teachers will not be considered.  In order to assist us in our efforts to create balanced classrooms, and to create the optimum learning environments, we respectfully ask your assistance in not making specific teacher requests. Thank you for your cooperation.